What is VERONA CASA Official store?

- Verona Casa is an online store which aim to be a leader in the Italian style and products on internet.

When has been opened?

- Our beginnings were somewhere in January 2018, when we decided that we want to sell something that none has ever done - Italian style on internet.

Do you ship internationally?

- Yes, we ship our products internationally across the globe.

How long does it takes for my product to arrive to me?

- When you complete the order process, we aim to proceed your product in the same day, which means that, we immediately put it in transit. Everything else depends on the customs and the post service delivery in your country.This process takes usually 20-30 days. Again, depends on the customs and the national post service in your country.

My question is not on the list. How may I contact you?

-We are more then happy to assist you and help you with anything you need.  Our official e-mail is: veronacasa23@gmail.com and we replay within 24 h or sooner.